Volunteer Experience in ARV

  • Comes in contact with different language groups

  • understands the uniqueness of various cultures

  • the social and living conditions of different communities

  • experience rural communities, their trying and poverty-ridden circumstances, their struggles for a basic and dignified life

Volunteer Programme

  • Offers a 7 to 10-day volunteer opportunities 3 times a year to help build homes for impoverished

  • Organizes a risk-free volunteering opportunity

  • A prior orientation on Indian history, society and culture for them to accustom

  • An opportunity to visit the local schools and have a direct interaction with the children.

  • A taste of Indian rural culture of Rangoli making, mehendi decoration on hands, Indian cuisine and Indian dance form of Kuchipudi

  • Helps to create a transformational experience to the volunteer.

ARV Appeal

  • There’s still much need to build homes as many villages bring in their pleas to ARV

  • ARV seeks like-minded individuals, groups, companies and other agencies to volunteer in rural India.


More than 1000 International volunteers from USA, Japan, England, Canada, Hang-Kang and Taiwan joined hands with ARV in building homes for homeless, taking part in children supplementary education and interacting the communities to understand the living situation, culture in rural areas.

  • Volunteerism is an opportunity to change lives of individuals and communities.

  • In fostering social harmony based on a shared interest.

  • In solidarity, compassion and empathy expressed through the voluntary action of giving one’s time and efforts.

ARV Believes

Volunteer Contribution

  • Volunteers strengthen the discriminated and disadvantaged communities through their cash and kind support 

  • to rescue a life in a flood, distribute food in times of calamity

  • carry a brick, plaster a wall, cement a floor, paint a wall in building a home for the homeless

  • interact with an underprivileged child and share a warmth of love

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